Energy Healing

Remove energy blockages; get unstuck; release!

Energy healing can bring the vitality and free flowing energy you need to move forward with the life you have been dreaming of!

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; integrating the body, mind and spirit. It is a relaxing treatment where natural healing energies are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner, who serves as a conduit of the energy, to the body of the recipient. Reiki treatments are used for relaxation, stress and pain relief, releasing of emotional blockages, acceleration of the body's natural healing process, balancing of subtle energies in the body and as an adjunct to support other traditional medical therapies.  

Reiki has a growing evidence base of scientific effectiveness. Several studies have demonstrated that Reiki is a viable, therapeutic healing modality for reducing physical and emotional discomfort. As such, Reiki is currently used throughout the US in many major hospitals, including those affiliated with Duke, Yale, and Columbia University.

Currently, Reiki is offered as distance sessions via zoom- meeting face to face online, sending this healing energy across space. Energy healing is followed by an intuitive coaching session, where any intuitive or channeled messages that came up during the session, regarding energetic blockages, will be reviewed and discussed. 

Reiki sessions can be scheduled as follows:

60 minute healing session-In these sessions, various energetic techniques are used to uncover blockages and stimulate flow in a way that provides a transformative experience. $80 payable at booking

30 minute healing session-Use these sessions to keep energy flowing through your chakras. Good for an energetic  "tune-up"

$40 payable at booking