Moving Fearlessly Forward with the Aries New Moon

Photo by Nina Uhlíková from Pexels

A new moon is its’s darkest phase, where the usually illuminating light is hidden from our view. But this darkness is important as it marks the beginning of a new cycle. The energy of the prior cycle is cleared and a fresh, new lunar energy will soon emerge. Indeed, new moons are believed to be a time for new beginnings. And many harness this fresh energy for manifestation.

The moon is tied to the astrological wheel and it cycles through the twelve zodiac signs every 28 days. When the moon is new, and conjunct the sun, it emits the same astrological energy the sun is aligned with. What that means is, for the few days before and after the new moon the energy associated with the current sun sign is that much more intensified. The sun represents our outer world, our ego, the “I” that we show the world while the moon is our inner world, our emotional selves, the part of ourselves that is often hidden from others or shown to just a select few. When the energy associated with a particular zodiac sign is energized by both the sun and the moon, this energy is greatly intensified. When manifesting with the new moon, then, it is important to utilize the energy that is already intense and readily available.

Coming up on April 15 a new moon will emerge in the astrological sign of Aries. This is a highly significant manifestation energy as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Thus, Aries itself represents new, fresh energy and new beginnings. The energetic properties of Aries call us to move forward, to emerge into the new…a new astrological year, a new season, and now with a new moon here we can harness the beginning of all these cycles to literally start something…new! What in your life has been waiting to come to the surface and is ready to emerge this spring? Aries is an intense, fiery energy that is self-focused and can be the perfect energy if you are looking to reinvent yourself in some way.

Aries is known for being fearless, brazen, confident, and independent. These people do not think twice when starting something new and more often are known for leaping before looking. While this can have problems if we were to adopt such an approach all the time, for many of us the opposite is more often true. We don’t leap at all. We remain in fear or timidly move forward at a slow, barely visible pace telling ourselves we just need to have all the pieces in place before we can finally make that final big leap. Aries challenges that thinking. During this time of the Aries new moon you are provided the energy to close your eyes, plug your nose and make the leap into that vast sea of life without thinking how cold the water may be. The Aries new moon calls you to charge forward, fears and thoughts aside. Will you head the call?

The night of the new moon is a great time to set an intention for manifestation. Given the Aries energy available at this time, I invite you to think about in what area of your life do you need to close your eyes and just jump into? Its an important question, one that requires some reflection. There are definitely times when we do need to listen to our instinct and take things slow…but there are also times when we are not listening to the call to move forward. Sit with this, take a few deep breaths, center your attention on your heart area and ask yourself the question…where do I need to move fearlessly forward? Let go of all thought and just breathe. Let the answer come to you or take out a journal and write down whatever thoughts immediately enter your mind. This is your heartspace talking. What is it saying? Next, take some time to think through some action steps. As you move through this lunar phase of 28 days how can you make some serious steps in this direction? As you think about this, embody the energy of the ram and picture yourself charging forward, removing obstacles, and laughing in the face of fear. Write down your manifestation and 3-4 action steps you will take to make this happen. Read this daily until the full moon emerges. At that time, reassess..How did you do?

Manifesting with the new moon is a fun way to match your internal energy with that available in the external world in a focused way to meet all your goals and desires. I look forward to manifesting with this Aries new moon and would love to hear about your intention and results.

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