Working through Negative Thoughts with Self-Compassion

The biggest block to manifesting all that you want is getting stuck in negative thoughts. Given the importance of holding positive thoughts in getting to where we want to be, it seems natural to think we should get rid of any negative thoughts as soon as they arise. While we should be vigilant about what happens in our mind, I suggest a gentler approach to maintaining high vibration thoughts... one that emphasizes self-compassion. We all have negative thoughts, but what happens when we immediately try to “replace” these thoughts with more positive ones? Our grip becomes tighter. At this point we are not letting them pass through but are struggling with them and often causing them to grow. Other times we end up pushing them down somewhere inside of us. Somewhere deep down, blocking our energy and possibly leading to other physical and mental health problems if the pattern is repeated over time. Sure, we may feel better for the moment when we "banish" a negative thought, but the long-term price we pay could be bigger. And it doesn’t even always work- have you ever tried to convince yourself you aren’t angry when in reality you are livid? Then, you not only feel the original anger, but some added sense of shame or self-hatred for not being able to turn the anger producing thought around. My advice…acknowledge your thoughts, acknowledge the feelings that come with them and then... let that shit go. Know what you are thinking and recognize how it makes you feel. Don’t fake it. Be real with yourself. Be loving with yourself. When you do this, you are no longer holding tightly to that negative thought. You will find it naturally fades away much quicker.

I love what Elizabeth Gilbert said about fear in her book "Big Magic"…Invite it in. Think of all your feelings as part of a team-they all have a place and are needed at certain times. Don’t shun the feeling for showing up at the wrong time. Perhaps have a "talk" with your feeling. Acknowledge it has a place. Tell fear you see it, you understand it. Use your skills... Give fear the compliment sandwich...."I know why you are here-you are worried about me. I appreciate that. I don’t need you for this job though, I will be handling this one with courage and confidence. But I want you to let you know you have been doing great work, and the next time I see a spider, I will be counting on you to take the lead again. Thanks for being part of the team."

We weren’t born thinking any one way, it took many years to develop our current thought patterns and will take patience to change them. The key to keeping your vibration and energy high is not denying negative thoughts but working through them with a lot of space and self-love.

Photo by Camila Damásio on Unsplash

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