Holistic Coaching 


Holistic coaching empowers you to set and meet goals to incorporate holistic wellness practices that will lead to desired physical and emotional outcomes. This coaching views you as a whole...mind, body and soul, and assists you to align these areas to live a magical, balanced, and fulfilling life!



Many people live in a semi-conscious way- focused on issues as they arise, unaware of the many ways that everything is connected to the whole. Without this awareness and conscious direction, life can easily spin out of control.

 Holistic coaching assists you on your path to soulfully creating a magical, balanced, and fulfilling life. As an expert in several holistic practices, Dr. Amarie helps you to identify which practices will bring meaning and balance to your life, and empowers you to incorporate these practices regularly. Scheduled initially as a 6-session series, delivered over three months, an introductory session is always free so you can see how holistic coaching may help you live a magical, balanced, and fulfilling life.