Heart-Based Resilience Coaching 

Heart-Based Resilience Coaching helps you become centered in your heart, allowing you greater access to your intuition, authentic self, and a feeling of true peace. Raise your vibration and live life from your heart!


Most of us have learned that the brain sends signals to the heart, governing its biological functions. Recent research is showing us that the heart actually send more signals to the brain then vice versa. The heart tells the brain how to process emotions, what to pay attention to, even how to solve problems. When we feel stressed, our heart rhythm patterns are erratic and send signals to the brain that resources are needed elsewhere in the body (fight or flight), so that higher order brain functions, like information processing, are limited. This affects our emotions negatively. Unfortunately, these patterns become more ingrained and easily repeated the more often they are experienced, so that it becomes easier to fall into erratic heart rhythms (and experience subsequent negative emotions) more often. On the flip side, when our heart rythm patterns are stable, it signals the brain to function at its highest capacity-resulting in positive emotional states, and easier access to intuition. Essentially, raising your vibration,

 Heart-Based Resilience coaching is an evidence-based program (HeartMath Institute) that helps you learn skills to regulate your heart rate rhythm, while providing support to help you incorporate these skills into your life. Scheduled as a 6-session series delivered over three months, you will be taught simple skills for heart rate rhythm regulation, provided with a portable biofeedback system to view your progress in regulating your heart rate rhythm, and 1:1 coaching to empower you to utilize these skills in your daily life-ensuring long-term success.

The cost for this program is $650, payable prior to the first session (biofeedback system included in price). Contact to inquire about payment plans.