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Heart-Based Life Coaching 

Live from your heart as your most authentic self; reveal the you that has been wanting to shine. Heart-Based

Life Coaching helps you to discover and manifest your deepest desires!


Following Dr. Conn's Heart-Based Life Coaching system, you will learn to connect with your deepest desires and live life from your heart. Historically, in almost every culture of the world, the heart has been thought valuable for much more than its physical function- it is viewed as a source of wisdom, spiritual insight, thought, and emotion. In fact, recent research has provided evidence for these multiple heart functions, and the true power of the heart is being revealed.


Heart-Based Life Coaching combines this new science of the heart with evidence-based coaching techniques, to assist you in connecting with your most authentic self- where life can flow in ways you may have never dreamed possible. Heart-Based Life Coaching assists you to first, use the inherent wisdom of your heart as a focal point for identifying what you truly desire; then, to clearly align your energetic vibration, thoughts, and actions with those desires so they may become your reality-truly transforming your life!


Heart-Based Life Coaching is the core of my work, with all other services working to supplement the transformative changes that will emerge as a result of this coaching. Invest in yourself and learn life-long skills for connecting to and manifesting what you truly desire.  Your first session is free when you book today. See how heart-based life coaching can transform your life.