Heart-Based Group Coaching 

This coaching journey is for people who are ready to dramatically transform their lives. You are no longer willing to settle for a life that is less than inspired. You know there is something more waiting for you and you are committed to discovering exactly what it is and take action on achieving it! You are ready to step forward into the life of your dreams and you seek a supportive tribe that can move with you on this journey. Welcome! This group is the answer to your call.

What's included?

  • Six weeks of live, online group coaching that includes discussion and activities to help you identify the desires and goals that are most deeply aligned with your heart, and implement strategies to manifest these desires with ease 

  • Ongoing membership in our private Facebook group for supplemental discussion of course content

  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions to provide individualized feedback on progress 

  • Computer technology to assist in managing energetic and physiological states-a key component to maintaining the high vibration required for manifestation 

  • Two distance energy healing sessions, with special emphasis on opening the heart chakra

  • Skills for heart alignment and manifestation that can be applied across multiple contexts over a lifetime 

Week 1- The wisdom of the heart 

  • Your heart’s intuitive power 

  • Connecting with your intuition and identifying your authentic self 

  • Individual distance energy healing session 1 

Week 2-The science of the heart 

  • Introduction to heart science

  • Using heart-focused technology to raise your vibration and align with your authentic self

  • Individual coaching session 1 

Week 3- Aligning your manifestation with your heart 

  • Clarifying values and goals 

  • The power of manifestation-caveat emptor 

  • Focused intent-what will you manifest? 

Week 4- Discovering the keys to manifestation 

  • Ancient wisdom and the law of attraction: The missing pieces you may not have been told 

  • Common stumbling blocks and solutions 

  • Individual distance energy healing session 2 

Week 5- Using the keys to manifestation in everyday life 

  • Embodying your manifestation before and during its arrival 

  • Manifestation tools 

  • Manifestation rituals  

Week 6- Manifesting like a boss 

  • Living an abundant life-creating your tomorrow

  • Removing blocks to manifestation 

  • Individual coaching session 2 

Why group coaching?

Heart-base manifestation uses research-based techniques to raise your energetic vibration. This is essential to manifesting your desires. Science has demonstrated that you are energetically impacted by the vibration of those around you.  When you surround yourself with multiple people whose energy is on the rise, that collective energy becomes incredibly strong-magnifying your own individual ability to manifest what you desire. Further, working as a group provides unique support, as you hold one another accountable to reach your greatest potential. 

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